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The Ikeda Center is an institute for peace, learning, and dialogue located in Cambridge, Mass. Since 1993, we have been engaging diverse scholars, activists, and social innovators in the search for the ideas and solutions that will assist in the peaceful evolution of humanity. >> Read More


“Be the heart of a network of global citizens

Be a bridge for dialogue between civilizations

Be a beacon lighting the way to a century of life ”

- Daisaku Ikeda



The Inner Philosopher
Our newest book is called The Inner Philosopher: Conversations On Philosophy's Transformative Power, and features philosopher Lou Marinoff in dialogue with Center founder Daisaku Ikeda.
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The Inner Philosopher, by Lou Marinoff and Daisaku Ikeda

2012 Theme
During 2012 we are focusing on the central Buddhist concept of interdependence, also known as "dependent origination." You can read a brief introduction to the topic at our Current Focus page.

J. Keith Motley Event
On April 28, we welcomed to the Center J. Keith Motley, 8th chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Boston. He spoke on the subject, "Education and Human Possibilities."
Read about the event here!
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The Music of Leadership
February 2012: In this new interview, Lesley University's Steve Gould reflects on his twin careers as a musician and school leader.
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Core Convictions
Learn about the seven ideas and convictions that guide our work here at the Ikeda Center.
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"The Age of Soft Power"
In late September 2011, Professors Winston Langley and Nur Yalman were joined by Boston-area university students to discuss themes from Daisaku Ikeda's 1991 Harvard Address, "The Age of Soft Power."
>> Read about the seminar

Social healing videos
August 2011: In this series of five video clips Judith Thompson explores the topic "Social Healing and the Greater Self."
>> View the videos

2011 Focus
Explore the theme, "Cultivating the Greater Self."
>> Read our introduction
>> Read articles and essays

2010 Archives
Learn about the Center's inquiry for 2010, "The Democratic Spirit." Articles and essays exploring the theme are archived here.

2009 Archives
During 2009, the Ikeda Center investigated the theme "Humanizing Our Lives, Humanizing Our World." All of the articles and essays created for the focus are located here.

2008 Archives

Articles and essays from the 2008 focus, "Understanding Death, Appreciating Life," are archived here.


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9th Annual Ikeda Forum
This year's Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue, held on October 13, on the topic of interdependence was a terrific success.
Read about the event here!

Lou Marinoff Event
Our thanks to everyone who attended the September 21 event with philosopher Lou Marinoff, co-author of The Inner Philosopher.
>> Read about the event here!
>> Videos: Lou Marinoff on the power of philosophy


Coverage of the October 22, 2011, Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue, called "Cultivating the Greater Self," is posted to our 2011 Current Focus section.
>> Read about the 8th Annual Ikeda Forum here.
>> View a photo gallery of the event.

The core reading for our 2011 focus on the greater self was an essay by Daisaku Ikeda written to commemorate the publishing of our 2009 title, Creating Waldens.
>> Read Ikeda's "The Flowering of the Greater Self"

We also collected excerpts from Daisaku Ikeda's university addresses that explore various dimensions of the greater self.

Other original resources included: this video series featuring Judith Thompson discussing the topic, "Social Healing and the Greater Self"; this essay by biologist Janet Hart called "Public Health: The Foundation of Global Flourishing"; and this essay by the Center's Mitch Bogen called "Education and the Greater Self."

Primary source materials included this collection of excerpts from Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman; a video clip of Viktor Frankl talking about faith in human potential for good; and two video clips featuring Vincent Harding discussing the topic "Love and the Struggle for Social Transformation."




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