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Articles & Essays: 2012
Exploring Interdependence

"Each living thing manifests the enlightenment of which it is capable. Each contributes to the grand concert of symbiosis.... Nothing and nobody exists in isolation. Each individual existence functions to create the environment that sustains all others. All things are mutually supporting and interrelated, forming a living cosmos. "

- From Daisaku Ikeda, "Mahayana Buddhism and 21st Century Civilization," 1993



Awakening Our Connections: A Dialogue on Interdependence
Our most recent Ikeda Forum was held on October 13, 2012. It featured Stephen Gould, Tanya Henderson, Ceasar McDowell, and Ved Nanda in the contexts of U.S. schools and communities and international human rights and justice.
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Interdependence in the Context of the Ikeda Center's Mission
During 2011 we created a Core Convictions section of our website as a way of communicating the ideas and principles that guide our work. Conviction Seven is "Awareness of Interdependence Forms the Crux of the 21st Century World View."
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Dimensions of Interdependence
This document collects quotes from Daisaku Ikeda's university addresses as well as from his published dialogues. Quotes are divided into two main sections" "Nothing Exists in Isolation" and "Global Ethics and the Ethos of Symbiosis."
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Judith Thompson on Compassion and Social Healing
This video series was created for our 2011 focus on "The Greater Self." In a nice resonance, it turns out that Dr. Thompson believes that awakening to the great truth of interdependence and interconnection is the key to developing an expansive, compassionate self.
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Lou Marinoff on Interdependence
Philosopher Lou Marinoff expounds on how interdependence is perceived both in Buddhism and in Western philosophy.
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Please check back soon for more articles.



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