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Welcome to the Ikeda Center's video page. We will be adding videos on a regular basis, so please check back to see what leading scholars and social innovators have to say about our core themes and our core objectives of peace, learning, and dialogue.

Judith Thompson
In July 2011, Dr. Judith Thompson, Co-Director of the Social Healing Project, talked with us about the many ways that the lens of social healing enables us to develop an expansive sense of self and community.
Watch the interview here!

Vincent Harding
In Nov. 2011, historian Vincent Harding reflected on the many dimensions of the democratic spirit. (four installments total)
Installment 1: Beyond Civil Rights
Installment 2: The Inconvenient Hero, Martin Luther King, Jr.
Installment 3: Love & Social Transformation
Installment 4: The Work of Humankind Has Just Begun

Jim Garrison & Larry Hickman
Dewey scholars Jim Garrison and Larry Hickman sat down with the Ikeda Center in early October to discuss the Deweyian perspective on democracy, education, peacebuilding, American Exceptionalism, and the interaction of ends and means in the quest for social progress. (Oct. 2010)
Watch the videos!



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